Food Menu
Assorted Appetizers JPY 800
Salami and Olives
Salami and pork jerky
3 Kind Prosciutto Ham
4 Kinds of Cheese
Prosciutto Ham and Cheese
Salami and Cheese
A la carte From JPY 800
Black beans
Homemade Japanese Pickles
Local Japanese Pork Sausage
Berkshire Japanese Pork Soft Jerky
Dry Fruits
Snacks From JPY 400
3 Snacks of YOUR choice
Mixed Nuts
Assorted Rice Crackers Railway Ver.
Corn Chips with Salsa
Pizza&Pasta From JPY 1,100
Spicy Cod Roe and Cheese
Seafood with Tomato Cream
Dessert From JPY 600
Homemade Delicious Chocolates
Vanilla ice cream with JNR Logo topped with liqueur

Seasonal menu will be shown on WHATS NEW!(Japanese)

※ Tax not included

No Seat Fee (Minimum Charge) and tax included
5 different options

① JPY 1,800 - 1 Hour Course < 1 Hour seating time. Orders taken until 19:00 >

〜For those who want one drink after work.〜

1 Drink + 1 Snack

② JPY 2,500 - 2 Hour Course < 2 Hour seating time. Orders taken until 19:00 >

〜For those who want a few drinks after work.〜

2 Drinks + 1 Snack

③ JPY 3,500 - Ginza Panorama Course

〜For those who want to slowly enjoy time watching night trains.〜

3 Drinks + 1 Snack

④ JPY 4,900 - "BYOT" Bring your own Train : N-Gauge Course

〜A course that lets you enjoy the real thrill of the bar atmosphere.〜

3 Drinks + 1 Snack + 120 min of running your own N-Gauge.

⑤ JPY 4,000 - Our Famous Railway Cocktail Course

〜A full experience of the bar with railway cocktails and desserts.〜

2 Railway Cocktails + 1 Snack + Dessert Plate

※ Tax inclusive