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Original Railway Cocktails

Each JPY 1,200
≪ Asia Cocktails ≫
Scarlet                                    	Green
The South Manchuria Railway【Express Asia】provided these drinks in the dining car The dream cocktail has returned using documents and rumors!
≪ Railway Cocktails ≫
Romance Car
Our most popular anniversary cocktail! A slightly sweet
raspberry cocktail will make you feel like you're on a vacation to Hakone!
Hokuriku Shinkansen
Taking the trains characteristics of a purely white frame, and an elegant blue as a model this is a blue colored Gin Float.
Good-bye Akebono
In memory of the train 「Akebono」that once connected Ueno and Aomori the words that decorate the glass are none other than【Goron and Sheet】!!
Japan's very first blue train. Using the image of a moving hotel and the elegant blue color of the train itself, it is one refreshing cocktail.
Doctor Yellow
The colors of the alcohol that grace this glass are of course, yellow and blue! This drink also has stomach effects, as well as appetite stimulation.
A tribute to the retired Express Train Thunderbird We have 2 versions of this cocktail : Summer Ver. Winter Ver.
"Aogaeru" Series 5000
A long time ago, this train used to run on the Tokyu Lines. As of now, it acts as a resting place at Shibuya's Hachiko! Shibuya Branch Grand Opening Cocktail!
Twilight Express
March of 2015, after 26 years of history the Twilight Express came to an end. The departure and arrival time, which was from the evening to dawn is where the name Twilight Express came from.
≪ "Fukutoshin" Line Anniversary Cocktail ≫
Tokyu Toyoko Line Ver.
Tobu Tojo Line Ver.
Seibu Ikebukuro Line Ver.
Exclusive at the Shinjuku branch! Created for the celebration of the Fukutoshin Line, which connects the Tokyu and Toyoko Line. Please choose from the following three choices

<Non-Alcohol>Original Railway Cocktail

Each JPY 1,000
For our customers who are not so fond of alcoholic beverages, but want to enjoy our railway cocktails we have prepared non-alcoholic versions of our famous railway cocktails.
Romance Car
Doctor Yellow
"Hayabusa - Tohoku Shinkansen"
Fukutoshin Line Cocktail

Fresh Fruits Cocktail

From JPY 1,200
Ginza Panorama specially made cocktails using fresh and seasonal fruits We have a variety of fruits such as strawberry, peach, permisson and pears.
Seasonal Fruits
Strawberry Melon Watermelon Peach Grape Apple Orange
Panorama Standards
Banana Mango Kiwi
※Any Combination is available.
※Non-alcoholic beverages are also available!


From JPY 800
Exclusively at the Shinjuku branch, we also have cocktails which are made with special recipes
Dry Martini
Salty Dog
Moscow Mule - Made with homemade Ginger-Vodka
Mojito with plenty of mint leaves
Side Car


From JPY 800
Scotch, Irish, American, Canadian, Japanese World class brands of Whiskey
Glenlivet 12 Years
McCarran 12 Years
Bowmore 12 Years
Laphroaig 10 Years
Bushmills Single Malt 10 Years
Wild Turkey 8 Years
I.W.Harper 12 Years
Canadian Club 12 Years
Yamazaki 12 Years
Taketsuru 17 Years


From JPY 800
Brandy, Spirits, Beer, Wine
Boulard Grand Solage
Beef Eater
Tanqueray NO.10
Ron Zacapa Centenario
Porfidio Anejo
Premium Malts The Premium
House Wine Red / White
Japanese Wine Chateau Katsunuma, Koshu


From JPY 600
Pineapple Juice
Ginger Ale (Sweet)
Ginger Ale (Dry)
Oolong Tea
Cranberry Juice
Tomato Juice
Apple Juice
※ All drinks do not include tax.